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  • What makes LE SACHET Ops clean ecological?
    The sachet contains only one ingredient: magnesium (purified to 99.95%). When it comes into contact with water, it forms magnesium hydroxide. This will change the pH of the water and give it cleaning properties. Moreover, magnesium is the fifth most bioavailable element in seawater. When the wastewater from the washing machine is discharged, it doesn't require any special treatment compared to conventional detergents.
  • How can I be sure that my laundry is clean?
    For proper use of Ops clean, make sure to run a machine cycle of at least 45 minutes to ensure the magnesium washing mechanism is fully effective. It's possible that your washing machine drum is overloaded, preventing proper agitation of the laundry and water, which is necessary for optimal washing. When switching to Ops clean, if your laundry isn't properly cleaned, you'll notice it immediately compared to synthetic fragrance detergents that might give the impression of clean laundry without actually achieving it.
  • Can I use Ops clean to wash my baby's clothes?
    Yes! It's entirely possible. Ops clean is hypoallergenic and doesn't leave any chemicals on the laundry. So, it's perfect for baby clothes and body garments. Moreover, your laundry will be even softer, which is better for baby's skin! According to the experience of co-founder Jean-Baptiste, who's been a dad for a year 😉!
  • Does the sachet make it possible to wash cloth nappies?
    Yes, the sachet, not containing glycerin, preserves the absorbent properties of this type of fabric.
  • Does the sachet wash the menstrual panties?
    Yes, the pouch, not containing glycerin, preserves the absorbent properties of this type of fabric
  • How many washes can I do with one sachet?
    Up to 350 washes. The factors that can affect the number of washes are: - water temperature, - duration of the wash cycle, - presence or absence of rinsing. Indeed, all these factors will increase the percentage of magnesium dilution in the water.
  • Can detergents be used in addition to Ops clean?
    Yes, it's possible, but it's unnecessary in 90% of cases. Indeed, liquid detergents do not provide an added advantage when using the Ops clean pouch. However, for laundry with heavy stains, as usual, you would need to use a stain remover or powdered detergent. To minimize the environmental impact of your laundry, we recommend a natural stain remover like sodium percarbonate (note that sodium percarbonate can fade colors). Alternatively, you can use powdered detergent, but you can limit the use to 1/4 of the regular dose if you combine your wash with the Ops-clean pouch effectively. The action of Ops clean will enhance the effectiveness of your detergent by increasing the pH of the water. Plus, you're reducing the use of these polluting detergents, which is a win for the planet!
  • How long does the delivery take ?
    If you order before 2pm in Metropolitan France, you will receive your pouch within 3 working days.
  • What if I'm not satisfied?
    You have 60 days to test the pouch and return it to us if you're not satisfied.
  • How long can I keep the sachet?
    Magnesium in its solid form will retain its cleaning properties as long as it's kept away from moisture. Under this condition, you can store it for several years without any significant loss of effectiveness.
  • Is my machine compatible?
    The bag is compatible with all types of washing machines.
  • Where to put the sachet in the washing machine?
    The sachet is placed directly in the drum with your dirty laundry.
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