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Everyday laundry detergent, for a cleaner future

Natural and made in France

With Ops clean, your laundry sees life through green-tinted glasses.

  • Hypoallergenic: Ops clean is hypoallergenic and contains no controversial ingredients. Both your skin and the planet will thank us.

  • Simple Ingredients: We use a single effective ingredient - magnesium. In comparison, conventional detergents contain up to 28 different ingredients, most of which are derived from petrochemicals.

  • Climate Impact: With only 15g of CO2 emitted per wash, Ops clean far outperforms other laundry solutions that emit up to 295g of CO2.

  • Water Preservation: Our detergent leaves no pollutants in the water after the wash. Ops clean is impeccable in terms of water discharge, unlike conventional detergents.

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  • Versatility: Ops clean is suitable for all types of fabrics. Whether you're washing delicate clothes or robust household linens, Ops clean is designed for you.

  • Freshness: Our unique formula eliminates odors and leaves your clothes fresh and clean.

  • Germ Elimination: Ops clean not only cleans, but it also eliminates bacteria, germs, and fungi. Its effectiveness has been tested and approved by an independent analysis laboratory.


To learn more, please refer to the analysis report.

Magnesium and water: a simple and natural alchemy

Our Ops clean sachet doesn't need bleaching agents, or petrochemical products to be effective. This is where the magic of natural chemistry comes in: magnesium reacts naturally with water, raising the pH to an optimal level for laundry cleaning. The equation is simple, but the impact is profound:

  • The reaction with water raises the water's pH to a level between soap and bleach for laundry cleaning.

One ingredient - Multiple actions

Our bag is the result of curiosity and innovation. Each sachet, assembled and handmade in France, contains purified magnesium. When it comes into contact with water, it performs several actions:

  • Removes everyday stains

  • Gets rid of dirt and body odors


  • Eliminates 99.8% of bacteria and fungal organisms

  • Gently washes while respecting colors and fibers

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In Synergy with Nature: Our Story & Mission

The Ops clean journey began with Jean-Baptiste, who, upon becoming a new father, was shocked by the number of ingredients in conventional detergents and their toxicity. This prompted the search for a skin-friendly and environmentally respectful alternative for his baby's laundry. He discovered that purified magnesium, with its interaction with water, was an effective and eco-friendly solution for everyday laundry.

And so, Ops clean was born, named after the Roman goddess of abundance and fertility, embodying our aspiration to live in harmony with nature and consume what nature produces according to our needs. We invite you to join our mission: redefining cleanliness for a healthier and greener world.

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