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How does Ops clean work inside your washing machine?

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This chemical reaction is at the core of the cleaning properties of water in your washing machine.

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Explanation of the natural reaction

When magnesium comes into contact with water, a reaction occurs, releasing magnesium hydroxide - Mg(OH)2 - and dihydrogen gas - H2. This reaction causes the water to become alkaline, raising its pH up to 10. This pH level is ideal for cleaning, falling between the pH of soap (8) and bleach (11).

If you watch the video, you can see this reaction happening in real-time, with thousands of hydrogen bubbles rising to the surface. Fascinating, isn't it?

You might be thinking, "pH stories are all well and good, but what's the point?" Well, lucky for you, the answer is right here.

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The benefits of magnesium hydroxide

With a pH at this level, the wash water can neutralize the majority of bacteria, viruses, germs, odors and sebum present on your laundry.

In conventional detergents, chemical agents are used to raise the water's pH to achieve similar effects. However, magnesium is non-toxic and harmless to the environment and your health.

Ops clean in Practice

Ops clean is just as effective as conventional detergents in removing everyday stains and dirt. Thanks to the raised pH of the water, it enhances the mechanical washing action of the machine and effectively eliminates bacteria and fungal organisms. Additionally, Ops clean more efficiently neutralizes odors on your laundry.

For heavy stains, similar to your regular detergents, pre-treatment with a stain remover is advisable. Ops clean makes the responsible choice not to include stain-removing agents in its formula, as these are often ineffective against heavy stains and can become difficult-to-treat pollutants. It's worth noting that even with detergents that include stain removers, pre-treatment is still necessary to achieve complete stain removal. Therefore, adopting Ops clean won't alter your usual washing routines in terms of stain treatment.

You can use a laundry fragrance or fabric softener with Ops clean, although we advise against their use for environmental and health reasons.

Proven Effectiveness: Ops clean Annihilates Bacteria and Germs!

Tests conducted by an independent laboratory confirm Ops clean's effectiveness against bacteria and fungal organisms. The results are clear: Ops clean is 10 times more effective than a simple water wash in eliminating bacteria and 85 times more effective in eliminating fungal organisms (e.g., fungal infections, mold).

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10 times more bacteria eliminated

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85 times more fungal organisms eliminated

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For those who are curious to read the complete tests, they are available here.

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