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The Ops clean®  

Why did you create Ops Clean?

Our Story: From Observation to Action

Our journey began with a troubling realization: the laundry detergent industry is often dirty. Take a moment to think about it - do you really know what's in your current laundry detergent? If you're like most of us, the answer is probably no.
Before the birth of his baby, Jean-Baptiste delved into all the products necessary for his future child. He sought to understand what truly lurked in our cleaning products. He found himself facing information as opaque as a red wine stain, or so overwhelming that it overshadowed major issues.
After all, all we really want is clean clothes!

In reality, 90% of our laundry simply needs a straightforward wash to remove bad odors, everyday stains, and the bacteria that accumulate. No need for artificial fragrances, harsh bleaching agents, or specialized stain removers.


A Simple and Eco-Friendly Solution: Magnesium

This led us to explore simpler and more environmentally friendly solutions for effectively cleaning our laundry. Our research led us to magnesium, a substance already known and used by water treatment professionals. When magnesium comes into contact with water, it creates magnesium hydroxide, a powerful cleaner capable of eliminating odors, bacterias, fungi and sebum before they are released in the environment.

From Idea to Reality: The Birth of Ops Clean

Of course, we had to ensure the effectiveness of this solution. So, we created our own sachets and tested them in all possible conditions for over two years. The results were clear: our Ops clean laundry detergent is as effective, if not more so, than most industrial liquid detergents. It efficiently removes bad odors and common dirt.

However, like liquid detergents, Ops clean has its limits against heavy stains. In such cases, you can turn to grandmother's remedies, a bit of elbow grease, or a stain remover specifically formulated to tackle that particular stain.

Why Choose Ops clean?

Ops clean offers a multitude of benefits. Each wash cycle with Ops clean saves 50 liters of water from unnecessary pollution. With Ops clean, you're no longer exposed to allergens or irritating molecules, and you can complete at least 350 washes without worrying about how much detergent is left in your home. By choosing Ops clean, you're supporting a young company committed to a cleaner world.

Join Us in Our Mission

Be part of the movement for a cleaner world. Try Ops clean today and discover for yourself the difference a single Ops clean sachet can make.

The Ops Clean Team

Hello, I'm Jean-Baptiste

My story begins in the stunning landscape of the Alpes de Haute Provence, a natural canvas of lakes, Provençal plains, and mountains. It's within this unique setting that I developed a profound respect for nature.

My love for the environment has always driven me to seek out more natural and eco-friendly products. I've been convinced that there's a better way of doing things, a way that would preserve the beauty and integrity of our planet while meeting our everyday needs.The arrival of my son transformed this personal quest into a mission for a healthier and more sustainable future. This new responsibility pushed me to go further, to find products that not only respect the environment but are also safe and healthy for us.

With this dedication, I, along with Marc, created Ops clean. Despite its small size, Ops clean carries a strong ambition: to provide a laundry detergent that respects nature and our health while remaining affordable. Each Ops clean sachet represents my commitment to the environment, my desire to preserve a sustainable future while being accessible to all.

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Hello, I'm Marc

Greeting from the picturesque Alps, I cultivated a strong and unwavering connection with nature from a young age. My awakening to the environmental cause began when I was confronted with the vulnerability of our planet's biodiversity – a realization underscored by the gift of a polar bear plush toy from my parents.

Passionately committed to environmental preservation, I quickly began questioning the ecological impact of our consumption habits. Following a career in cybersecurity, I yearned to professionally engage in a field more aligned with my convictions: how could I act in a more meaningful and consequential way beyond just my personal behavioral changes?

The creation of Ops clean was the answer to that question. This entrepreneurial challenge provided me with an opportunity to extend my personal commitment to the environment to a much larger scale. I transitioned from an individual endeavor to a collective mission capable of transforming the habits of thousands of people. Each Ops clean sachet is, to me, a chance to mitigate the environmental impact of numerous households. Together, we're working towards a future that's more respectful of our precious planet, one sachet at a time.

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